6 Reasons AMC is the Best Channel on Cable

Mar 16, 2014 at 10:34 am |

Right now — and for that matter, the last few years — there is no other channel on cable that has programming close to the quality of that of AMC: not HBO, not Showtime, not Skin-a-max and certainly not ABC, NBC, CBS or Fox.

There are 6 reasons AMC has the best television line-up on the air, bar-none, sin question, period:

6) Hit After Hit

AMC Hit Shows


Rubicon, the best spy series ever. Should still be on the air. Deadwood, best western series ever that’s no longer running. Should still be on the air as well. Breaking Bad is behind only The WireThe Shield, Deadwood and The Sopranos on the list of best television series in the last 30 years.

Broken Trail was a good solid western series. It’s only Tommy Lee Jones short of being on par with Lonesome Dove.

The Killing, a fascinating murder mystery/cop series. Joel Kinnamen is probably the most fascinating actor of his generation. The Prisoner, Low Winter Sun… that’s a list of some of the AMC shows that aren’t even in production any longer and, truth be told, most of them aren’t as good as what AMC is offering right now.

5) New Series Turn

Turn – Watch the trailer. It looks sick cool. Set in Colonial America, it’s the story of, ”America’s first spy.” Now that’s original. It’s going to be epic. Debuts April 6th.

4) The Walking Dead

Walking Dead Season 4 Banner


Yep, it’s a zombie show. No, it isn’t stupid. Take a deep breath, stop rolling your eyes, and trust me on this. The Walking Dead is better than The Vampire Diaries, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Hannibal, Intelligence, True Blood,  and American Horror Story.

In other words, The Walking Dead is the best of the crappiest that’s still worth watching.

3) Mad Men

Mad Men Season 7


Nope, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it won the American Film Institute’s, ”Program of the Year Award,” from 2007 – 2010… and again in 2012. It has won four Art Directors Guild Awards, British Academy Television Awards, four Critic’s Choice Television Awards, Director’s Guild of America Awards, seven Emmy Awards, four Golden Globe Awards… a total of 62 in six years.

Oh yea, and it is absolutely awesome! Slowww, but AWESOMEEE!

2) Justified 



Timothy Olyphant is the coolest actor on television that isn’t named John Hamm (see Mad Men). He was the star of HBO’s Dead Wood, a show that should still be alive.

Walton Goggins (one of the four bad M-fers in The Shield, one of the four five best series ever) is probably the best actor on television right now and he co-stars in Justified. Scratch that. He is the best actor on television right now.

Nick Searcy and Jere Burns smooth old farts and this season the producers of Justified mixed in Michael Rapaport, a man who has been a bad man since he was a boy in Higher Learning. 

Justified is simply can’t-miss television.

1) Hell on Wheels


Lord only knows when this train is finally going to derail itself permanently, but it’s a blast going along for the ride for the time being. Anson Mount is one of the strangest misfits/bad-ass-m-fers ever as Cullen Bohannan. Colm Meany is just straight-up wicked as ”Doc” and his acting carries the series at times. Christopher Heyerdahl plays the haunted and ruthless ”Swede” like no other person could and Common is as Elam Ferguson may be the only one on the show that is crazier than Cullen.

Pray for two more seasons before everyone ends up dead at the hands of… oh lord, who knows what. They’ve survived everything but the walking dead so far, so we have to assume that they’ll die at the hands of Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

It has come to the point that there’s no longer any point to argue, AMC is the best television on cable. AMC’s ”Turn” debuts in April, but the network already has.