47-Year-Old Kylie Minogue Looks Flawless In New Underwear Campaign

Jun 22, 2015 at 3:31 pm |

Kylie Looks Ageless In Her New Sloggi Ads

Kylie Minogue has found the secret to keeping healthy and looking young  and it might be a lot simpler than you’d think.

But first let’s chat about how great she looks! The 47-year-old pop superstar recently released a set of sultry new ads for underwear company Sloggi’s latest campaign, and you can’t help but do a few a few double-takes at the Aussie’s fit figure. Kylie Minogue will act as the face for the brand’s new EverNew undies, specifically geared towards keeping their wearers comfy and shapely.

Kylie gave us a sneak peak of the shoot back in February when she posted a behind-the-scenes snap on her Instagram, proving that zero touching-up is needed when she’s involved.

Sneak peak behind the scenes …. ? photo shoot ?

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But how does the “Into the Blue” singer maintain her incredible figure? Easy. She dances and moves around stage for hours and hours every week. She once admitted to the world of Reddit that she doesn’t even have a workout “routine” per-say. “My guilty confession is that there isn’t [a routine]! In my mind there is absolutely one…hah!! I think I stay in shape with an active (read, exhausting!) lifestyle. My fitness is really sporadic. I have to thank my mum for good genes as I am tiny, just like her.”

While we’re slightly jealous that Kylie’s workout routine is folded into her performances, it doesn’t mean you can’t lip-sync along with her at home to get in your own Minogue-work out routine!


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