5 Celebrity Secrets Exposed by Illegal Phone Hacking

Feb 6, 2014 at 10:06 am |

Details about celebrities’ personal lives are usually left to grocery store magazine racks and the court of public opinion, but in an unprecedented trial against phone-hacking journalists, they’ve become legitimate courtroom evidence. From Hollywood stars to British royalty, 282 celebrities and public figures were targeted throughout the past decade by News of the World journalists, who tapped phones and hacked voicemails in pursuit of a scandalous headline. As transcripts are released and celebrity witnesses take the stand, new secrets continue to emerge — and old headlines are confirmed — with intimate, previously unknown details about the sex lives and relationships of the rich and famous.

5. Prince Harry’s Long-Distance Woes with Chelsy Davy

Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

When Prince Harry was enrolled at Sandhurst, the British Army’s training academy, he wasn’t allowed to use his mobile phone while on duty. Meanwhile, royal editor Clive Goodman was enjoying twenty-four-hour access to it, obtaining calls and text messages between Harry and longtime girlfriend Chelsy Davy. While they were apart for his training in 2005, Chelsy called Harry up to sixty times a month and texted all day, every day, even when he was on duty; however, anonymous royal staffers were invented to support the claims that she was “overly needy” and too distracting.

The hacking also proved that Harry violated another Sandhurst rule; he left a voicemail request for a royal aide’s help with an academic paper.

Brangelina and Will and Kate were among 5 celebrity couples at the center of a phone-hacking scandal; exposed details confirm secret break-ups, fights, and affairs.