5 Reasons Hank Williams III is a Better Musician Than His Father, Equal to His Grandfather, and Cooler than Both

Mar 26, 2014 at 12:00 pm |

Hank Williams III

Hank Williams III at Roskilde Festival 2012
Credit: Wikipedia

We’ve all heard of Hank Williams and his son Jr., but H.W. III is a talented musician in his own right. In fact, he’s better than his father and he’s right up there with the original.

What’s shocking about the dude is that he doesn’t fit into any mold.

The 5 reasons Hank Williams III is a better musician than his father and cooler than any of his kin are:

5) He Plays It All

Yea, he does country and he does old-school folk and he pays homage and gives respect to those that played with his father and grandfather, but in the beginning he made his name playing punk: hard-core, trashing guitars and kicking speakers, punk.

He still defines hill-billy head banging.

But, he can also write and sing the melody of a love song that with break the heart of a stone-cold killer.

4) He is Mean and He TRASHES Other Musicians

You think Eminem and 50 Cent lower the boom on other rappers? H.W. III writes and sings things about ”pop-country” singers that scratch out eyeballs, cut to the bone and rip out hearts. What he wrote and sang about Kid Rock — after Hank Williams Jr. and Kid Rock started doing concerts together — was so hard hitting, surely it hurt his relationship with his father.

The brutality of what he writes and sings is accentuated by the fact that he sings 100 miles per hour just a hair ahead of a rhythm that’s always right on his tail. It’s still country, but it’s ain’t like your Papi’s and it’s certainly not the contemporary, bubble-gum country/western crap that tops out the billboards every week.

3) He’s Underground

Hank Williams III has had offers from all kinds of major record labels, but he refuses to sign. He produces and distributes his own singles and albums and hardly advertises his tours… and he’s always touring. He’s more Grateful Dead than Kenny Chestnut.

Dude could make a fortune if he rested on the laurels of his father and grandfather, but he just won’t go so low.

2) Living the Life He’s Singing About

H.W. III isn’t singing about his girlfriend that left him or his dead dog or the ol’ pet cow that finally went belly-up. He’s singing about the life of a rockstar country singer that’s fighting the establishment while the genre his grandfather and father helped build is consumed by consumerism.

He sings about getting his ass kicked in dive-bars in dirt poor towns after concerts. He sings about being too broke to buy a beer to cure his hang-over, about his consumption of the illicit and about everything else real under the sun that has nothing to do with the fairy-tales his contemporaries are yodeling about.

1) He’s a Throwback

He’s the spitting image of his grandfather. He sings what he wants to sing for those that want to listen. He knows his fans and followers. He doesn’t have an entourage or body guards and he doesn’t use security at his concerts.

He’s all about the music, not the dollar and not the fame. Even if you think he’s crazy for not cashing in, you have to respect his resolve.

Both Hank Williams and Hank Williams Jr. became immensely popular, but Hank Williams III avoids fame, though he is probably more talented than any of his kin.