7 Celebs Who Blow Up YouTube…Everytime!

Feb 24, 2014 at 11:33 am |

Many people are looking for “that one” YouTube video that will go viral, and make them a YouTube Star. There are however, people who can blow up YouTube at will. Hang on as we present a list a 7 Celebrities who seem to be able to get massive YouTube views every time!

7.  Lady Gaga

Nobody seems to be sure how much of her schtick is intentional or unintentional, but the fact is she owns YouTube. Her “Bad Romance” YouTube video has gotten over a half billion views. Almost everything that is put up about her, including interviews or even parodies, get 1 million or more views. People seen to go gaga over her on YouTube.

6. Justin Bieber

YouTube was how he got discovered. Today, he blows it up with every song or news story. His “Baby” video featuring Ludacris has nearly a billion views and everything he does on YouTube gets millions of people to check it out. Like him or not, the dude has built his $150 personal net worth on the back of YouTube. The U.K’s Daily Mail says perhaps the Beib’s bad boy streak comes from his dad.

5. Jimmy Kimmel

Remember the twerking girl who caught herself on fire in a YouTube video? Remember the wolf roaming the halls of American athletes at the Sochi Olympics? These were all created hoaxes by late night host Jimmy Kimmel who has got it going on with YouTube. Jimmy will continue to blow up YouTube as people are now wondering if any hoax they see on the channel is a Jimmy Kimmel creation.

4. Katy Perry

Every YouTube video the singer has seems to “Roar” into the hundreds of millions. Her relationship with John Mayer probably isn’t hurting the attention she is getting either. In a recent MTV report she denies the pair are engaged however.

3. One Direction

Their YouTube Channel has over 12 million subscribers and their videos have gotten over 2.5 BILLION views. Everything they release seems to get 25 million views or more. How’s it working for them? TMZ reports OneRepublic singer Ryan Tedder just bought a Venice Beach home for $2.85 million.

2. Rihanna

It terms of raw numbers Rihanna is the Queen of the Tube, with more views than any other celebrity. The New York Daily News is reporting she is teaming up with another YouTube superstar in Eminen for a “Monster Tour” this summer. That won’t hurt those YouTube numbers!

1. Miley Cyrus

Between her twerking, the showdown with Robin Thicke at the VMA’s and the racy “Wrecking Ball” video, Miley showed everybody in show business how to get attention and use YouTube. In six months of YouTube she has blasted away the Hannah Montana personality. If that was her goal…it worked. Anything she puts up on YouTube explodes!



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