9-Year-Old Eats World’s Hottest Pepper, Immediately Regrets Everything

Jul 20, 2015 at 1:29 pm |

Carolina Reaper VS 9-Year-Old Boy

Story Courtest: Storyful, Sarah Bermingham

When it comes to fun ways to spend a summer’s day, eating a hot pepper would not top most people’s list. Except, that is, Scottish YouTuber Pikachu The Pokemon is not like most people.

At just nine years old, he loves to push himself to the limit and so recorded himself up-close as he munched on this tastebud-tingling snack. As he later told us, “the first few chews were very hot but just about manageable. Then the volcano erupted”!

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Fortunately we know that Pikachu The Pokemon is doing alright now. The wee YouTuber posted a followup video explaining what his experience with the Carolina Reaper was like.

His grandmother and grandmother did eventually have to take him to the hospital because of the pain – and he also mentions that using the toilet was quite difficult. Though, unsurprisingly, he argues that he’d go through the whole experience all over again. Why? “I’d do it again, if I got that many views out of it!”

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His facial expression says it all.