A Remedy for the Stale Pale Male in Media

Oct 24, 2014 at 3:12 pm |

WMC Co-Founder Robin Morgan is Host of WMC Live with Robin Morgan.

WMC Live w/ Robin Morgan

Women’s Media Center Live with Robin Morgan has embarked on it’s 3rd season, announcing its new syndication partnership with AirPlay Direct, which is now distributing the weekly radio show to over 9000 broadcasters and radio members around the world. Enjoying exponential ratings growth since its debut only two years ago the program has an international audience, airing in 110 countries. The best-selling author, award winning poet and acclaimed radio host stopped by to talk about her program and the Women’s Media Center, which will be celebrating its annual awards ceremony next week, the Women’s Media Awards.

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The Women’s Media Awards, hosted by its founders Robin Morgan, Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda, recognizes and honors game-changers for women in media. By deciding who gets to talk, what creates the debate, who writes, and what is important enough to be visible, the media shapes our understanding of who we are and what we can be. The Women’s Media Awards shines a light on this important issue.

Robin Morgan, Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda speak at the 2013 WMA

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This year’s WMA honorees include:

Amma Asante, Ursula M. Burns, Katie Couric and Barbara Walters.

2014 WMA Honorees


Be sure to catch Robin every Saturday on Women’s Media Center Live with Robin Morgan, which is also available online on iTunes and at WMCLive.com.

Robin Morgan stopped by to talk about diversity and inclusion within the media. See what she thinks of the media’s landscape and how it can be improved!