Add Jared Leto To The List Of Ukrainian Freedom Fighters

Mar 17, 2014 at 11:00 am |

Jared Leto performs in the Ukraine


Jared Leto traveled to Ukraine and took to the stage to perform on Thursday (March 13) night with his band, 30 Seconds to Mars. He spoke about the political unrest and urged the crowd to fight for their dreams. He was quoted as telling the crowd that there was no price that was too high for the “privilege of owning yourself.”

Jared Leto and his band performed regardless of what was taking place in the country. He told the crowd that while other bands were canceling their shows that he was not going to miss the performance.

The Academy Award winner included Ukraine as well as Venezuela in his speech about how they “struggle to make your dreams happen” and that everyone is thinking of them tonight. While he walked around Ukraine during the day prior to his show, he stopped to take photos at a memorial that was in place to honor some of the victims.

Jared Leto is no stranger to believing in the good of humanity. He has shown up in support of various groups and countries over the years. He had a number of followers in Kiev that came to greet him and many showed appreciation for his support.

The day before the concert, he showed up at Independence Square for the Ukranian freedom fighters according to There was a Euromaidan Camp set up that he stopped into and talked to some of the people.

While some people have taken to the social media boards to say that he was walking around like a tourist and taking photos, no one in Kiev seemed to mind. He wore jeans, boots, and a hooded coat lined with fur – and seemed to fit into the crowd as he walked around.

Many of the locals were happy to have him, especially because a lot of music has been canceled lately. Russian bands scheduled to play in Ukraine and Ukrainian bands scheduled to play in Russia have been canceling left and right. Leto showed that he wasn’t afraid to play with 30 Seconds to Mars regardless of the political turmoil. As he walked around, many of his fans stopped to thank him for coming.

Leto’s leaving Ukraine, so maybe he’ll visit Venezuela next.

Jared Leto has been added to the list of Ukrainian freedom fighters and holds a concert in Ukraine with 30 Seconds to Mars in support.