Alfalfa From ‘Little Rascals’ Turned Into a Hot Lumberjack!

Jul 14, 2015 at 1:44 pm |

Bug Hall Is Now a Lumbersexual

Bug Hall, the dream ginger of your childhood and hopeless romantic from canonized 90s flick The Little Rascals is poking his head about on social media, and now that we know who he’s become as an adult, we’re all re-obsessed with him.

If you don’t remember him from the movie, Alfalfa (GIF-ing above) was Spanky’s best buddy as well as boyfriend to Darla — the movie’s wee love interest.

Nowadays, instead of boasting that plastered middle-part with a nerdy porcupine spike, Bug Hall has reminds us of the man he’s truly become with an epic, multicolored, ginger-beard.

I'm thinking about using this as my new headshot…

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As soon as he realized that he and his lumbersexual beard had gone viral through Buzzfeed, Hall supplied his adoring public with another shot just for us — to let us know he cares. While the actor hasn’t done any massive blockbusters that have measured up to his childhood favorite, he has remained onscreen in cameo roles for shows like CSI: Miami, Charmed, 90210 and Castle.

What’s more manly than overalls? Nothing, duh.

He even rides motorcycles…

We hope Bug will capitalize on his rediscovery, and perhaps we can look forward to seeing him perform as a leading man. But if not…

It’s very possible, Bug.

Bug Hall just turned 30?! You won’t believe he’s the same person.