This Amazing Japanese Hoodie Has a Cat-Sized Pocket for All the Cuddles

May 20, 2015 at 5:49 pm |



Ever wonder what it would be like to be a mother kangaroo? We haven’t either. But now you can test out your skills as a marsupial anyhow with this amazing ‘Mewgaroo’ Hoodie. The strange piece of apparel from Japanese pet supply company Unihabitat boasts the perfect cat-sized pocket in which your kitty can crawl into and hang out. For your cat, it’s way more comfortable than a plastic bag. And for you, you get unlimited cuddle time.

After your cat pocket inevitably gets coated with hair, you can pull out the washable liner to give it a cleaning. Plus it’s got cute Ariana Grande-style cat ears on the hood, as well as paw designs and thumbholes on the sleeves.

Don’t like cats? That’s too bad. But your tiny pooch can be stuffed in the pocket too. See!

The slogan on the back of the sweatshirt? “HUMAN X DOG X CAT” We’re not sure what that equation means, but we’re into it.

The hoodie retails for around 7000 yen ($60-ish) plus tax and is already available on Amazon Japan, so grab yours right meow.

Still don’t believe how awesome this is? Look how comfortable this fat orange cat model looks!

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