American Idol Says “Welcome To Hollywood”…Or Do They?

Feb 7, 2014 at 10:49 am |

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Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr. – Hollywood Week
Photo Credit: Instagram/americanidol


Every year on American Idol, contestants audition all over the United States. Those that are given a ticket to Hollywood expect to get there. This year, the show decided to change it up a bit – and didn’t welcome as many people to Hollywood as everyone expected.

After auditions around the country, there were 212 people who were supposed to go to Hollywood, only that’s not the number that actually made it to Hollywood. Everyone was brought to an airplane hangar and told that they needed to sing for their lives – and unfortunately – there were some musicians that choked at this change in the events.

“If you screw this up,” Harry Connick Jr. comments, “it’s over.” And for 32 people, it was over. As Hollywood Life said “It seemed kind of rude” to hand out tickets to Hollywood when not all of them would be going. They had to do the audition process all over again – and this time they had to do it in front of the competition.

Favorites, including Tristen Langley, were cut. A total of 32 were cut and then remaining 180 were sent to the famous Dolby Theatre where the Hollywood Week continued as usual. Groups of 10 were brought into a line and asked to sing. One of the judges would call out names to take two steps forward and either the ones in the front or the ones in the back were asked to leave – for good.

A few of the people blew Lopez, Connick, Jr. and Urban away with the sounds – some good and some bad. The judges had a good time with the contestants – and with each other. There were a few extra jabs at contestants that picked inappropriate songs, too. It’s obvious that the judges know what they are looking for and they aren’t going to acknowledge those that are using tricks to stay in the game. They want a good voice – and they may ask for a second song to be sure they got it.

American Idol Hollywood Week

Photo Credit: Instagram/americanidol

After those cuts, there were 104 remaining and that brought people into the Group Round. As MTV reports, it’s all about a personality test in this round. They don’t care who can sing in a group but they do want to see who is easy to get along with and who is going to stir the pot.

The episode focused primarily on those who were able to skate through the rounds effortlessly, though there were a few missteps that aired. Now everyone will be staying tuned for more of the group round footage to find out if there are going to be any more surprises as well as any more favorites that are going to have their chances cut.

This year’s American Idol competition in Hollywood decided to shake it up a bit and surprise the contestants with another impromptu round of cuts.