Anderson Cooper Defends His Basil Scented Candle

Nov 12, 2014 at 10:25 am |

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If you want to know what an old mall, Woodstock vomit, or a garden gnome’s underwear drawer smells like, then step inside Anderson Cooper’s office.

The host of AC360, televised on CNN, was unexpectedly the subject matter in a segment of the show called “The Ridiculist.” Unaware that he was slotted as the day’s topic, Cooper was pranked on live TV by his co-workers.

The segment “The Ridiculist” is intended to cover a myriad of “ridiculous” things that take place in the world–and in this case, annoying things that take place in the work environment. The purpose of the segment is meant to be somewhat humorous, but Cooper found it to be extra comical that his co-workers don’t like the scent of his basil-scented candle.

The moral is, if you don’t like someone’s habits, instead of telling the person upfront, embarrass them on live TV! Maybe now Cooper will switch his basil-scented candle out for one that smells of juniper.


Anderson Cooper was pranked on his own television show AC360. But who would think that the controversy would come over a candle? Watch the hilarious video here!