Angelina Jolie

We’ve come a long way since Angelina Jolie (b. June 4, 1975) was wearing Billy Bob Thornton’s blood in a vial around her neck. Now, we’re not saying that the Girl, Interrupted superstar has completely normalized herself (she still has a massive collection of knives,) but the superb actress has really ensconced herself into the fabric of Hollywood history. Daughter of Jon Voight, Angelina was destined for big things. Jolie started in smaller arts films like Gia and Original Sin, and slowly worked her way up to the level of superstar sex symbol with the Tomb Raider franchise and box office hits like Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It was during the filming of this feature that the epic pairing between she and Brad Pitt began–but it seems only reasonable that Hollywood’s hottest woman should have Hollywood’s hottest man, right? By the time “Brangelina” were engaged they’d already accrued a bevy of adopted children from different parts of the globe as well as one of their own–and now they have six! The couple only recently tied the knot in a secret ceremony in France. Did we mention that she’s renowned for her philanthropy and global efforts? In 2003 the United Nations Correspondents Association gave Jolie the Citizen of the World Award–the first that was ever given.