Anna Kendrick Gives the Ultimate Wedding Gift

Aug 6, 2015 at 3:22 pm |

Anna Kendrick Gave her Childhood BFF Designer Jewels for her Wedding

Every girl wants to look her best on her wedding day, and as many of you who have been or will be brides know that this is not an inexpensive task. The dress, the hair, the jewels – and that’s just the beginning. Anna Kendrick was in the bridal party of her childhood BFF this weekend in Maine, and she gave her gal pal a gift that she’ll never forget.

Kendrick reportedly felt bad that she wasn’t around to perform her duties as a brides maid in the weeks leading up to the wedding due to her busy filming schedule, so she made it up to her friend in a very special way; with a full set of diamond jewelry on loan from Harry Kotlar. Now THAT is a special gift. Imagine walking down the aisle knowing that you’re wearing the same jewelry that women like J-Lo and Rihanna sport on the red carpet (along with basically every other female celebrity around).

Anna Kendrick sure knows how to make a friend feel like a million bucks on her wedding day (get it?). Although she’s a pro in the bridesmaid department, Kendrick has no plans to tie the knot herself any time soon. “My parents got married late, so I just assumed that people didn’t even consider marriage until they were in their 30s,” she told Cosmopolitan in a 2014 interview. “When friends of mine started getting married at, like, 24, I was like, ‘Why? What’s wrong? Do you need a green card? What’s happening?’ I was so confused.’”

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You’re gonna wish Anna Kendrick was in your bridal party when you hear what she gave her friend for her wedding day!