Arrest Warrant Out for Singer Anita Baker

Mar 21, 2014 at 10:17 am |


Source: Anita Baker Facebook

Source: Anita Baker Facebook

Soulful singer Anita Baker is in hot water yet again.  An arrest warrant has just been issued for the Grammy Award-winning singer, who learned about the arrest warrant while watching tv in her kitchen.

In 2011, Anita Baker was close to being put in jail for failure to sign important divorce documents. She avoided jail at the last minute, signing the documents and coming to a deal with her ex.


A lawyer filed for the warrant earlier this week on behalf of his client who is claiming Baker owes the business $15,000 for work they did on her Grosse Pointe home.  The warrant was filed because Baker has not been responding to the lawsuit.

According to Baker’s lawyer, Jamal Hamood, Baker was supposedly not aware that Ray A. Smith Painting and Decoration had sued her back in 2011.  Baker is claiming that she was never served with the paperwork.

Baker is not in the Chicago area and she will remain out of the area until the warrant issue is resolved, according to her lawyer Hamood.

The warrant was issued because Baker had failed to appear for a creditor’s examination during the lawsuit process last year and she has continued to ignore pleas to just pay the $15,000 for the decorative work done in her home.


Baker tweeted on Thursday, “WHATTT??!!…sittin’ in the kitchen watching this on TV.  BIG time crazy.  Atty on his way to TV station.  Devil sho is busy.”

Baker didn’t deny owing the company $15,000 in her tweet and quickly went on the defensive.

Baker has one 8 Grammy Awards during her career, which has spanned decades.  Her most recent album, “Lately” was released last year.  She won two Grammy’s for her song, “Giving You the Best That I Got”, which came out in 1988.

The lawyer for Ray A. Smith Painting and Decoration, Daniel Gerow, doesn’t want to see Baker arrested, he just wants his client to receive the $15,351.41 that she has been ordered to pay to his clients.

Anita Baker has been sued by a company that did work in her home for failure to pay. An arrest warrant has been issued because she has not answered the lawsuit.