Baby Chick Just Wants Some Love

Jul 1, 2015 at 11:01 am |

Source: Newborn baby chick just wants to be held by britneydenman92 on Rumble

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This baby chick is proof that the Beatles were right: All You Need Is Love.

In this adorable video, a baby chick seems distressed until a warm hand finally picks him up and he has something to snuggle. Seriously, prepare to have your heart melted. It’s so cute.

We did some research and found out there’s science behind this cuteness. Apparently, baby chicks can’t regulate their body temperatures. In nature, the mother hen would still be nesting the chicks, so without that warmth, the chick is looking for the next best thing to stay toasty!

This video of a distraught chick looking for a little love will give you the feelies.