Beyonce’s Raunchy Partition Video Makes Us Think She Wants To Be Miley

Feb 27, 2014 at 6:06 am |

Beyonce has long been known to be a mother and singer who does her best to keep things classy.  Remember when Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift during an award show to say how he thought Beyonce deserved the award that Taylor had won?  And then when Beyonce did win an award later in the night she offered her acceptance speech time to Taylor.  That was so classy of her.

But, wait.  What the heck just happened in Beyonce’s new video for her new track, Partition?  Is that singing we hear?  Nope.  Definitely not a lot of singing going on in this song.  Mostly, it’s a bunch of grunting and grinding.

If you think that it sounds like Beyonce is trying to pull a Miley on us, we couldn’t agree more.  The sad part is, Beyonce really does have talent that she should be showcasing instead of those annoying grunting sounds.

The only way to look at Beyonce’s new trashiness is that she’s trying to compete with Rhianna and Miley, and we must say, there really is no competition with those two trashbags.  Yeah, they might have money, and they might have good voices, but what they’ve really mastered in life is how to take trashiness and raunchy to the max.

For those of you who do watch Beyonce’s new video, if you can, try to take your eyes off of her for a second and open your ears.  Very quickly you’ll notice that this is probably Beyonce’s dirtiest song ever. Poor little Blu Ivy.  It’s a shame that she’ll have to grow up knowing that her mamma has such a foul mouth. But then again, if Beyonce is willing to sing those dirty lyrics for everyone in the world to hear, there’s no telling what gets said behind closed doors in front of her little one.

There’s no need for Beyonce to feel as if she needs to validate herself by being raunchy.  She’s always been successful by being a classy woman.  Why does she feel the need to change now?  If it’s because sex sells, then by all means, we’ve had Beyonce confused with someone else all along.  We never thought she would change herself for money, especially since she’s already worth like a bazillion dollars.

Just when we thought we had enough trashiness coming from Miley, Beyonce has to throw her two cents in with a new trashy video, and we must say, trashy really doesn’t look good on Beyonce.