Bieber Says Ex Selena Gomez is a Drunk

Feb 10, 2014 at 6:00 am |

Selena Gomez Rehab

Photo Credit: Instagram/selenagomez

We’ve all been wondering if Selena Gomez’s recent stay in rehab had anything to do with Justin.

According to Justin, he’s refusing to take any blame by claiming that Selena is a complete alcoholic.  In fact, Bieber has went so far as to laugh at claims being made that he was the reason she checked herself into the Dawns At the Meadows treatment facility for personal issues.

Gomez reportedly left the six-week program after completing only two weeks so that she could promote her new movie “Rudderless.”  While most people are still putting a lot of the blame on Justin for her need to check herself into rehab, we hate it that she doesn’t feel the need to go back.

Although she was set to go back, Gomez is saying that after only two weeks she feels that she has been cured.  We all know that completing a rehab program is vital in being able to return to society in an effective manner.  

Gomez says that all she needed to do was get away from L.A.  If that’s the case, she could have went on vacation somewhere without all the rehab drama for much cheaper than what she had to pay to check herself into treatment.  But then again, money probably isn’t a big factor for the all-famous Gomez.  

With all the rumors being spread about Gomez partying hard, we can’t help but wonder if she’s in need of drug or alcohol treatment.  As bad as we hate to admit it, Justin might be right.  Still yet, that gives him absolutely no reason to diss Selena like he has.  After all, she’s been right by his side through all of his troubles.  Even when he landed himself DUI and resisting arrest charges in Florida not too long ago, Selena didn’t bad mouth the Baby singer.

Bieber is spreading the word that when he threw parties, Selena was the one who would get “competitive with the drinking and pot smoking.”  At least Justin is admitting he throws parties with alcohol and marijuana.  Now, if we can just get Selena to admit she has a problem.

Or, perhaps none of the rumors are true.  Maybe, like according to one source, the rumors are only being spread because Selena’s parents are trying to put the blame on someone for their precious little girl checking herself into rehab.  Only time will tell.

No matter Selena’s reasons for checking herself into rehab, there’s no need for Bieber to be dissing her.