Bill Maher Selects Rep. John Kline as ‘Flip A District’ Winner

Sep 16, 2014 at 3:25 pm |

John Kline speaks at the Republican National Convention 2008

Photo by Eric Thayer/Getty Images

As Election Day (Nov. 4) approaches, the campaign trail for Rep. John Kline (R-MN) just got a little tougher.

Bill Maher, comedian and host of the HBO series Real Time with Bill Maher, selected Kline to be his target in his ‘Flip A District’ campaign. His announcement that Kline would be the representative to pursue was made on Maher’s special edition of Real Time with Bill Maher; live from Washington. The show was the most watched HBO comedy special in 5 years with over 1 million viewers.

The ‘Flip A District’ started with the top sixteen candidates that people submitted from all over the country in hopes to get voted out of office. Maher in the coming weeks will help the best he can to get Kline voted out of office.

Kline will be running against democrat Mike Obermueller, a former state legislature.

Maher selected Kline because he votes like ‘kooky’ people do. Citing that Kline voted against raising the minimum wage, against stem cell research, against gay marriage, against funds to study climate change, against planned parenthood, voted to repeal ObamaCare, and voted to shut down the government.

The issue that inspired the most votes for Kline, who as chair of the house education committee, is that he has not helped with student loan debt. Regarding Kline, Maher said that he:

“has done more to keep twentysomethings in their parents’ basements than anyone else alive.”

Maher claims that Kline is bought and paid for by the very people he’s been elected to regulate.

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In response to Maher, Kline’s campaign spokesman Troy Young said in a statement,

“Minnesotans are tired of sleazy and slimy politics, but DFL candidate Mike Obermueller certainly isn’t. aMaher saluted 9/11 terrorist and called our troops ‘ cowardly,’ he repeatedly has degraded Christians and calls them ‘schizophrenic,’ and he repugnantly compared special-needs children to ‘dogs,’ yet Mike Obermueller promotes this behavior essentially naming Maher as his campaign manager.”

Kline’s response was obviously politically-fueled and worded in a way to deter voters from trusting Maher or Obermueller.

After a process that lasted months, Bill Maher selects Rep. John Kline as his ‘Flip A District’ winner. Find out why!