Bill Murray Jumps Out of a Cake and Demands David Letterman Stay

May 20, 2015 at 12:57 pm |

Bill Murray’s entrance on Letterman really took the cake last night. Literally. He jumped out of a cake…

But that’s the kind of thing you do for an old friend, right? And Bill Murray has had a long, significant history with the show. He was even the first guest on Late Night when David Letterman took over as host in 1982.

“When you first came here, you were just a tubby kid from the Hoosierville,” Murray reminded Letterman.

But not only did he frost his buddy with sweet cake-covered hugs, Murray also went on a campaign to get Letterman to stay on the show. But he couldn’t do it alone. “I don’t think my place is here trying to crowbar you into staying another 30 years. I think this is something that’s up to the American people. Excuse me,” Murray said before wandering out into the streets of New York, protesting in song while covered in cake.

Letterman looked very pleased by the sentiment, and thanked Bill Murray wholeheartedly before Murray ran out into the streets. “The best part of it is the friendship. The friendship you’ve brought to this program. Thank you for that.”

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Bill Murray REALLY wants Letterman to stay for another 30 years. What do you think of the comedian’s sweet appeal?