Cat Realizes He’s Been Neutered, This Is His Reaction

Jul 23, 2015 at 1:24 pm |

You Would Be Pissed Off Too!

Imagine waking up in your bed only to discover that you’d been unknowingly forced into a surgery that meant you would never be able to have children. That’s how Milo felt.

Milo is a six-month-old little calico kitty who recently underwent the common “snip snip” that most pets in America do. Milo’s owner, John Reed, 58, managed to catch his priceless reaction on camera.


( John Reed / SWNS )

He’s waking up from a drugged-up haze, he looks down and thinks, “OH MY GOD, what?! Wait, where did they go?” He’s extremely confused. And then…


( John Reed / SWNS)

The next emotion is rage. “He looked down and realised they were missing and let out this almighty screech.  He carried on looking down and staring for ages,” said owner John. “I just chuckled. We’ve had a good laugh at the pictures since. The second one is amazing.”

We feel for you, Milo. We really do. But things are gonna get better real soon buddy. Hang in there!


You would do the same thing!