Catholic High School Requires Prom Dress Pre-Approval Photos

Mar 24, 2015 at 12:03 pm |

Catholic School Requires Prom Dress Pre Approval

(Photo by Bethany Clarke/Getty Images)

Chances are you wish someone had ordered you not to wear the prom dress you chose for your senior year (tulle-upon-tulle!) – but the Catholic school girls at Delone Catholic High School in McSherrystown, Pennsylvania won’t even have the opportunity to make the same terrible mistakes you did.

The school has just instated a new rule for the girls this year: They must submit photographs of their dresses for pre-approval before the big night.

That’s right, pre-pre-prom pictures!

According to the York Daily Record the school’s policy states that “dresses cannot be too short, too low-cut, expose too much skin around the midriff or be ‘inappropriately revealing.’ It also states that all students and guests must dress in gender-specific formal wear.”

Some students and parents are downright angry, claiming that the school’s pre-approval condition was created too last-minute, only six weeks before the big night. Many have already invested in their sparklewear, and those dresses – some of which cost up to around $600 – are non-refundable.


Resultantly, parents have launched an online petition through to protest what they’re calling “antiquated and unreasonable restrictions imposed on the formal wear.” So far the petition has 255 supporters, and needs about 500 to enforce any change.

The school has defended their decision in a statement, claiming that the dress code itself hasn’t changed whatsoever, and that the only new requirement is the photo submission. “On September 8, 2014, the school released to all students and the community the formal and semi-formal dress code guidelines for the school year. The principles in these guidelines have remained steadfast for the past 23 years. The only change this year is the requirement of young women to submit photos for review by prom moderators,” says the statement. “The early release of the guidelines, and the addition to them, was a proactive approach to prevent student’s embarrassment and disappointment of being denied entrance to prom due to dress code infractions.”

The long and hopefully-not-too-short of it is – never mess with a girl’s prom dress, especially six weeks before prom.


Tag a photo of your own prom dress, and we’ll let you know if we approve, or not…