Caturday! Munchkins!

Sep 19, 2015 at 9:00 am |

Munchkins, also known as rug huggers, are cats with a genetic mutation that gives them short, stubby legs. These days they are specially bred for their cuteness and cost big bucks. Their disposition is the best: Sweet natured, smart, outgoing and generally love being handled. Check out some of the cutest of munchkins.

1. Tea time!

rug hugger cat drinking from mug

Source: Instagram @antointhemunchkin

2. Short, but statuesque

rug hugger munchkin cat

Source: Instagram @eugeneetdave

3. Contemplative

rug hugger munchkin cat 00

Source: Instagram @fuku_nyan

4. Kitten!

rug hugger munchkinn kitten

Source: Instagram @nazrazahri

Less is more!