Charlie Sheen is Tying the Knot…for the Fourth Time

Feb 16, 2014 at 9:47 am |



It was only about two years ago that CBS decided to cut all ties with Charlie Sheen in relation to his connection with Two and a Half Men.  As the leading actor of the show, Sheen brought in a more than a million viewers each week, making him one of the highest paid show actors of that time.  Unfortunately, though, the shows producers found that “Charlie Sheen has been engaged in dangerously self-destructive conduct and appears to be very ill.”

Well, things have definitely changed for the better for Sheen since he was fired from the show.  Not only did he go to rehab in 2011, but he has since went on to star in another show, Anger Management, and as yesterday (Feb 15th), it’sbeen confirmed that Sheen is going to be tying the knot…for the fourth time.

Charlie Sheen obviously believes in love everlasting, and this is kind of odd being that he’s never found it before.  His three former wives include Denise Richards, Donna Peele, and Brooke Mueller.

How did the new proposal go down and who is the new lucky lady to be tying the knot with Sheen?  She’s none other than the adult porn star, Brett Rossi.  Sheen reportedly proposed to her Saturday morning while him and his lady friend were flying on a private jet to Hawaii.  He allowed a local photographer to take some pics of the proposal ring.

Rossi even tweeted a pic of her and Charlie’s after the engagement

While one might think that this relationship is going to be no different than Charlie’s relationships from the past, he has told sources he thinks “this relationship is different than the others–and he’s taking things incredibly serious this time.”

We hope things go well for Rossi and Sheen.  Both seem to be doing very well in their lives right now, and it would be a shame for their relationship to send them on a downward spiral.  Heaven knows Charlie has seen the bottom of a bottle one too many times, and staying clean and sober is something that he has to fight for on daily basis.

Rossi is half the age of Sheen, but hey, maybe that’s what he needs.

Charlie Sheen believes in marriage. He’s officially proposed to an adult porn star who will become his fourth wife.