Cheer To A Children’s Hospital Brought By B*tch Work Singer Britney

Mar 16, 2014 at 1:36 pm |

Britney Spears Children's Hospital LA

Facebook/Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Britney Spears decided to pay a visit to the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles this Tuesday. She stopped in unannounced and participated in one of the art therapy sessions that they had with some of the kids. After the art session, she also made rounds to talk to the children who were too sick to participate.

The best part about this session, according to Perez Hilton was that she didn’t mention it until after the hospital tweeted a thank you to her. This shows that it wasn’t just a publicity stunt.

“Thank you for having me!!” is how Spears even responds to the tweet that was sent to her.

As points out, Britney has been a busy girl with concert rehearsals all week. She stopped in and spent some time with the kids and snapped some pics with them, which probably made their entire year.

Britney-Spears-Children's Hospital

Facebook/Children’s Hospital LA

She made the visit to the hospital right before heading to Louisiana for her sister Jamie Lynn’s wedding.

The art therapy session that she attended focused on what it felt like to be away from home. Singer Britney came prepared and shared some of her favorite images as well. She chose her favorite food, a crawfish, and happy children to depict her two boys. She created a collage with the images and then helped the other three patients to do similar pieces.

She then went over to the Heart Institute, the Children’s Center for Cancer, and some of the other units within the hospital in order to boost the spirits of some of the other children.

This is a pretty impressive show of charity for Britney Spears, who had a busy week with all that she had going on. The singer who has also released a song “B*tch Work” is capable of showing compassion – and she is one of the celebrities that uses her A-list status for a number of good deeds throughout the year. The children’s hospital is just one of the many things that she does and she doesn’t brag about it, which makes it that much more sincere.

This week it was the children’s hospital, so it’s only a matter of time before she stops in somewhere else to spread her love and cheer.

Singer Britney Spears makes a stop to the Children’s Hospital in LA and participates in an art therapy session with some of the kids.