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Child Celebs Who Grew Up and Turned Out to Be Good Looking

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Growing up as a celebrity child is often both very glamorous and difficult.  After all, these kids get whatever they want, yet at the same time they are hounded by the paparazzi 24/7.  And while many of them are wee-little when we first meet them through the camera, as they age, there’s one thing that usually determines whether or not the paparazzi will continue to follow them around or leave them alone–the determining factor is whether or not they get H-O-T-T hott.  Let’s take a quick look at several child celebs who turned out to be very pleasing on the eye.

Anton Yelchin

Getty Images

Getty Images

With his brooding Russian looks and dark eyes, Anton Yelchin always looked inquisitive and dark as a child. As in adult, this translates into “hot mysterious man.”


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