Chris Brown Skips Out on Jail Because He’s Bipolar

Mar 3, 2014 at 5:53 am |

Chris Brown Bipolar Rehab

Chris Brown has had a rough past year.  Wait a second, let us rephrase that. The past SEVERAL years have been quite rough on him.  And while it may seem that being ordered by a judge to spend an additional two months in rehab for anger management is not a good deal, when you compare two months in a luxury rehab to two months in a jail cell, the deal doesn’t seem all that bad.

That’s right folks.  Prosecutors are trying to get it ordered for Brown to be sent to jail, but a judge ordered on Friday (Feb 28) for the singer to spend another two months in rehab.  Brown has already completed a 90-day program as part of his sentencing in the case for which he beat up Rhianna back in 2009.  And to give him a little credit, he actually stayed in rehab for 95 days instead of 90.

So, why is it that the judge is being so lenient with Brown?  Well, unfortunately it’s because he has been diagnosed as having an untreated PTSD disorder as well as being Bipolar II.  The grounds that prosecutors want Brown sent to jail are based upon an incident that took place last October when Brown and his bodyguard supposedly punched a man.

First of all, let’s clear one thing out of the way.  If Chris is suffering from a mental health condition, then by all means, it is best that he receive the utmost medical attention that he needs.  If, however, this is a way to simply keep him from a jail cell, then it’s not going to do him any good.  We all know that a little jail time is good for anyone who has broken the law.  This isn’t to say that he should spend years behind bars, but he definitely needs to take responsibility for his actions. His beating on Rhianna was bad enough. We would hate to see that happen to anyone else.

We do wish the best for Chris, and if he truly does have mental issues, like Amanda Bynes, we want him to get the help that he deserves.  All in all, we’re rooting for Chris, but on the other side of the fence, we want the public to be safe.  It all depends on the actions of his judge as to the outcome of his situation.  But for now, Chris is living it up in a highly-expensive rehab center.

Is it true that Chris Brown isn’t getting sent to jail because of a mental health condition? Yep. A judge sends him back to rehab for two more months due to a bipolar diagnosis.