Cities Where Celebrities Live That Will Shock You

Mar 29, 2014 at 8:30 am |

With all of the chaos that goes on throughout Los Angeles and New York City, it’s not surprising that a lot of celebrities decide to get as far away as they can when they’re not working. They choose more “normal” places to call home allowing them to escape the ever watching eye of the paparazzi.

Whether a celebrity chooses to live in Ohio, Idaho, or somewhere overseas, they can forget that they are famous and stay out of the tabloids. After all, most celebrities that are spotted on the front page choose to live in LA or New York.

Some of the cities (and the celebrities) may be a shock as they have chosen to live in some of the least populated and least interesting cities throughout the country.

Taos, New Mexico

Julia Roberts New Mexico home

This city is the home of Julia Roberts, along with her husband and children.

A lot of celebrities may live in Hollywood and New York when they are filming, but as soon as the film stops rolling, they choose more “normal” places to call home.