Couples Experiment: Can Guys Guess Their Girlfriends By Smell?

Feb 18, 2016 at 5:50 pm |

Do couples know each other by smell? In this couples experiment guys try to guess their girlfriends by the smell challenge.

They get a whiff of necks, under arms and hips. Is that eu du Chinese food I smell?

This is a social experiment that proves the nose knows…lol. When a couple has been dating even a couple months, they start to know each other really well.

They know what their girlfriends or boyfriends like to eat, what they watch, what time they wake up, what makes them laugh, and if they snore. But, do couples know exactly what their significant others smell like? Funny how you would think they do but…

And how would they describe it? Roses, grass, deodorant, soap….pita bread? We saw this smell test on the Bachelor when some poor girl got called “sour” and we wanted to know what regular couples would say when put to the test.

We brought in three real life couples to give them a social experiment tailored just for relationships.

You might want to put your relationship to the test and try this bf vs gf challenge at home. All you need is a blindfold and some friends.

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Do couples know each other by smell?