David Cassidy: Wife Wants to Divorce Him and Judge Sends Him to Rehab

Mar 26, 2014 at 10:40 am |

David Cassidy DUI

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Unlike Justin Bieber, Amanda Bynes and other celebs who seemingly get away with breaking the law, David Cassidy isn’t finding the criminal justice system to be his friend.

On Monday (March 24), Cassidy was ordered to complete a 90-day stint in rehab for a DUI conviction.  And although you might initially think that this punishment is a bit harsh, you need to consider that this is his third DUI conviction since 2010.  To top things off, in addition to rehab, Cassidy has to complete a nine-month alcohol program, pay some hefty fines and be on probation for a whopping five years.  The judge really laid it to him, but it’s for the best.  After all, he was endangering himself and the public by drinking and driving.


David Cassidy Mugshot

Schodack Police Department

Two of Cassidy’s DUIs happened over the past six months.  He obviously has a bit of a drinking problem, and his issues are spilling over into his personal life.  In fact, his wife has asked for a divorce.  The couple had been married for 23 years, but apparently his drinking has led to too many disputes.  And although his wife is ready to divorce, she says she is “glad David is getting the help he needs and [she is] confident he will come back better and stronger than ever.”  That’s awful sweet of her to say, but whatever happened to the meaning of marriage vows: for better and for worse, through sickness and in health?


Alcoholism is a disease, so why don’t people view it as a sickness?  Just when Cassidy needs his wife the most, she’s riding off into the sunset and asking for a divorce.  It makes no sense.

At least Cassidy has a positive outlook on everything.  He says that “he will stay in treatment for as long as necessary, and that he’s getting the best care he can get anywhere.”  He even went on to say, “I am working as hard as any human being to live a sober life.”  More power to you Cassidy.  Leave the beer at home next time and don’t be drinking and driving.  More importantly, take one day at a time and you’ll be fine.

Things aren’t looking too good for David Cassidy. He’s going to rehab and his wife is divorcing him, but hey, maybe these are two things that he really needs.