Deck the Halls with Your Favorite Celebrities, Like #WreathWitherspoon

Dec 19, 2014 at 12:02 pm |

Just a few of the #WreathWitherspoon I’ve seen on insta. @cbgrandy did you see this?

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Introducing the 2014 holiday season’s latest trend… Wreath Witherspoon.

In a brief scene on a recent episode of The Mindy Project, award-winning actress and comedienne Mindy Kaling spruces up her boyfriend’s apartment with a quirky Christmas decoration. What was it? A punny creation which mashes together a normal wreath with images of actress Reese Witherspoon.

The ingenious, although kitschy, decoration took social media by storm, and people are not hesitating to share their very own Wreath Witherspoons on platforms like Instagram. Kaling put together a collage of user-submitted images, seen above.

But pun-happy audiences didn’t stop at Wreath Witherspoon. Check out some of the other clever decorations we’ve spotted on IG:

@mindykaling Is #wreathwitherspoon single? Our friend Wreather Sutherland thinks she a total bae A photo posted by Lizzy Spano (@lizzyspano) on

Charm Studios wreath is boss! #keanuwreaths @mindykaling #charmstudio

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For our friends out there who celebrate Chanukah:

I see your #wreathwitherspoon and I raise you one #CherMenorawitz @mindykaling A photo posted by Mrs. Pax If Ya Nasty (@rachel_8) on

The best part? A re-gram by Reese herself, who loves the idea! (Who wouldn’t love their own personalized Christmas wreath?)

The many variations of a #WreathWitherspoon (Regram @MindyKaling)…. hahah….Love it!!!

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Reese’s latest film, Wild, opened this month and is garnering fantastic reviews.

Mindy Kaling just started the holiday season’s latest design trend. Check out what it is here!