Devastated by the ‘Instagram Rapture?’ Bieber Lost So Many…

Dec 19, 2014 at 3:42 pm |

Did your Instagram following suddenly dissipate into ashes this morning?

Don’t worry, your latest fish-face selfie didn’t scare everyone away. IG just followed through with what’s being called the #InstaPurge or the “Instagram Rapture,” in which they’ve deleted millions upon millions of fake IG accounts.

And you thought you were genuinely exalted and followed by all of those people? Turns out that they’re robots. You are loved by robots.

The company’s spring cleaning was instigated to help improve user experience on the platform, and in case you hadn’t heard – buying and selling fake accounts has become a booming business. Why? The more followers you have the more power you have, the more power you have the more money you’re worth.

Reactions of the loss in phantom followers have ranged from panicked to good humor, and everything in between:

Looks like we’ll have to begin accruing real people as followers now, which is far too difficult. Don’t they know the types of humiliating selfies we’ll have to take to build up a respectable followed/following ratio? This purge will start a chain reaction in which we are all forced to follow mass amounts of strangers so they will follow us back, resulting an an epidemic of sprained pointer fingers due to rapid scrolling.

But guess who’s suffered most from the #InstaPurge – you’ve got it – celebrities!

Here is a list of the top losers according to web developer Zach Allia:

                                          # Lost                   % Lost

1. instagram                 18,880,211          29.4400%

2. justinbieber             3,538,228           14.8555%

3. kimkardashian        1,300,963            5.5315%

4. beyonce                    831,971                3.7463%

5. arianagrande          1,529,206             7.0312%

6. selenagomez           1,116,032             5.7020%

7. kendalljenner         906,897                5.3196%

8. taylorswift               725,379               4.3855%

9. khloekardashian    748,269               4.6974%

10. kyliejenner           826,529                5.2809%

Time to go into mourning. What percentage of followers did you lose in the rapture?