Disney’s ‘Mulan’ Will Be Next to Go Live Action

Mar 31, 2015 at 3:57 pm |

With the live-action Cinderella currently making money in the box-office, and the Beauty and the Beast casting continuing to make headlines, Disney may now be considering a live-action Mulan, which first graced screens in animated form in 1998. Since The Hollywood Report published the story on March 30, Mulan fans are, naturally, picking their ideal cast. The 1998 feature was based on the story of legendary female warrior Hua Mulan.

Ming-na Wen, who voiced the original Mulan, is being mentioned as a candidate to either play Mulan herself or her mother Fa Li. Jamie Chung has also been thrown into the mix by fans. Constance Wu, known for her role in Fresh Off the Boat, is a firm fan favorite for Mulan. John Cho and Godfrey Gao have also been mentioned for the role of Shang and Jackie Chan and Eddie Murphy (who voiced the original) as Mulan’s dragon, Mushu.

Story Courtesty: Storyful, Aoife Lawlor

Everyone is already casting the roles for the reworking of the Disney classic. Who would be true to YOUR heart?