Dog Dies After Being Left in Petco Dryer Cage

Jun 1, 2015 at 3:35 pm |

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2-year-old Colby, a happy-go-lucky golden retriever is dead after an employee at the Petco in Westchester Commons in Chesterfield County, VA left the poor pup in a dryer cage for too long during a routine grooming. The pet’s owner, Allison Marks, is heartbroken that her lovable companion is gone due to such a careless and reckless mistake.

“Friday was probably the worst day since my husband passed,” said Marks to WESH Orlando. “It’s empty, the house is empty.”

Allison had been taking Colby to Petco to be groomed since he was a puppy, but this time when she called to check and see if her dog was ready to be picked up—after she hadn’t heard from them in a few hours—the store told her she needed to go to a nearby animal hospital. The manager of the store told Marks that her groomer had left the dog unattended in the dryer cage because she “had a graduation to go to.”

The veterinarians that received Colby from Petco told Marks that the cause of his death was likely heatstroke, and an hour after his death his temperature was still at 105 degrees.

Responses to Colby’s death have ranged from condolences to downright outrage. “I have groomed 35 years. Totally against cage drying. Even [a] short period of time is too long. A lazy way to dry your pet,” writes longtime pet groomer Carol Brown.

“I will love you forever and always, My sweet sweet Colby Jack RIP,” Marks wrote in a Facebook post about her loss.

Petco released this statement the following Sunday about the tragic situation.

“All of us at Petco are heartbroken by Colby’s passing. The health and safety of pets is always our top priority and we take full responsibility for all animals under our care. We are taking immediate action to investigate and understand the situation. Our thoughts are with Colby’s family at this difficult time.”

As always, be careful with who you leave your pets with. We can only hope that more heightened regulations will be put in place at Petco and dryer cages like the one that was used with Colby will outlawed.


How could Petco let this happen? Dryer cages need to be outlawed!