Dog Stands Vigil at Hospital For a Week Waiting for Dying Owner

Aug 4, 2015 at 5:48 pm |

Dog in Brazil Proves Undying Loyalty to Owner

If you needed any more proof that dog is man’s best friend, we’ve got it right here. Earlier this month in Sidrolândia, Brazil, a sick elderly woman was rushed to the hospital. Paramedics aren’t sure how exactly it happened, but the next thing they knew, the woman’s dog was waiting outside the hospital for the safe return of his owner.

The dog was resilient. He continued to wait for more than a week at his spot right outside the hospital doors. “He looked inside like he was waiting for someone and would not leave,” Olga Caroline Baldin, a receptionist at the hospital, told a local news source. “He stood at the ready, looking inside, waiting — it was impressive. There were times when people had to jump through the hospital entrance because he didn’t move for anyone.”

Sadly for this pup, his owner died just a few days after she was admitted to the hospital, long before the pup’s vigil for her came to an end. The hospital arranged for the dog to be put in a happy foster home until a permanent adoption can be arranged.

The good news is, the dog’s undying loyalty didn’t go without reward. After his story went viral, tons of people, hospital staff and even doctors included, have expressed interest in adopting the adorable and faithful dog. It looks like this story may have a happy ending after all.

This footage was taken on the dog’s third day of waiting outside the hospital. SHARE this if you’re a dog lover and you love happy endings too :)

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