Down Syndrome Model Madeline Stewart On the Rise in the Fashion Industry

Jul 15, 2015 at 12:02 pm |

We love Maddy Stewart. Once again this spirited Aussie teen has proven to us that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, regardless of the world’s predetermined labels.

Last spring 18-year-old Madeline, who has Down syndrome, announced that she wanted to pursue a modeling career after losing over 40lbs and getting fit with the aid of her mother, Rosanne Stewart. The indefatigable teenager quickly went viral, becoming a symbol for women everywhere seeking to redefine a new era of beauty in the fashion industry.

Now, all of Maddy’s hard work and determination is finally paying off. The teen just scored two professional contracts, among others, to become the face for two very distinct fresh brands: a Guatemalan handbag brand called EverMaya and athletic wear company, Manifesta.

We couldn’t be more excited to see the rise of people with special needs within the fashion world.

Loving my bag and the water on my feet.

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“Both companies approached us to do a photo shoot for them, and after looking at their products we believed the products would be a good fit as Maddy loves fitness and the brand was cute and inclusive,” said Maddy’s mother to Huffington Post. “EverMaya has not only beautiful products that are very well made but also have a very charitable belief, so they were a perfect match. We are very happy to be working with EverMaya again shortly in New York City in the beginning of August.”

Madeline’s set her goals high for the future — but with how far she’s come so far, the sky’s the limit. Global and high-end brands like Forever 21, Versace and Guccie are definitely on her wish list, but until then she’ll stick to smaller companies and start-ups that fall into line with their ideals of inclusivity.

We look forward to seeing more of Madeline, and who knows — maybe next time you open up Vogue she’ll have her own glossy spread on the inside cover. Until then, she’ll continue to remind us that true beauty starts on the inside, and then radiates outward.

“Maddy has a beautiful soul,” says Rosanne, “So she feels good about herself and she always feels beautiful.”

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Maddy continues to redefine beauty standards. She looks AMAZING!