Dozens Wanted To Puke When They See Her In A Bikini… But Then A Stranger Does THIS…

Oct 14, 2015 at 2:01 pm |

Sara Gebert Hasn’t Been Able to Eat or Drink Anything for 2 Years

Girl With Ileostomy Bag In Bikini

Source: Twitter @themighty

Many of us take the simplest pleasures in life for granted, like drinking a cool glass of water, or chowing down on a nice hot meal. New Jersey resident Sara Gebert, on the other hand, hasn’t been able to eat or drink anything for over two years due to a unique medical condition she was diagnosed with called Chronic Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction and Gastroparesis.

Before her diagnosis Sara was vomiting up to 60 times each day, and the disease is so severe that Gebert has come to consider the malady as a complete “intestinal failure,” as one might have heart or kidney failure. In laymen’s terms, what happens is that Sara’s intestines believe everything that’s coming down the pipe is causing an obstruction, so it sends everything back up in the reverse direction.

“Food is such a big part of our world,” Gebert said to the Hunterdon County Democrat, “It’s an adjustment.”

As a result of her condition, Sara’s since been put on an artificial diet and is provided sustenance through a line inserted into her vein to keep her alive. At the same time, she’s provided with a surgical drainage tube coming from her stomach to keep her from throwing up constantly.

Sara has proved to be an inspiration for those around her, never seeking self-pity, and is interested in helping to raise awareness for her rare condition through fundraising with “Sara’s Army” wristbands that she sells to help benefit research and others struggling with CIPO.

While obviously her medical journey has been a major struggle, Sara met a stranger this summer who helped to ease the burden of her illness…

It’s crazy how one encounter can change your life. This is so inspiring.