Dr. Evil Hacks ‘Saturday Night Live’

Dec 22, 2014 at 10:23 am |

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Move over, North Korea, the original evil mastermind is back in town. SNL alum Mike Myers returned to the show this weekend (Dec. 20) and reprised his role as Dr. Evil to address the recent Sony hacking, for which the US has pointed its finger at North Korea.

The best part? The whole cameo sequence is staged as a ‘hack’ itself. The episode starts off with awkward Sam Smith being his mopey self, when suddenly the transmission is interrupted and we’re face-to-face with the infamous Dr. Evil, bumbling villain from the Austin Powers series.

Dr. Evil goes on to lecture both North Korea and Sony Pictures on how poorly they’ve been handling the hacks and cancellation of The Interview. During the hilarious segment, which might even be funnier than last weekend’s, Evil pokes fun at a range of topics, including Republicans, bald people, James Franco, and even Mike Myers’ own theatrical bomb, 2008’s The Love Guru.

His biggest piece of advice? Get over it! He accuses both Sony Pictures and North Korea of giving “two evil organizations a bad name.” It’s great to see Mike Myers back on SNL and being just as funny as ever.

Dr. Evil is back! Listen to the advice he has for Sony Pictures and North Korea.