Ed Sheeran & Bruno Mars Weigh In On Taylor Swift/Nicki Minaj Twitter Feud

Jul 22, 2015 at 5:03 pm |

Taylor Swift and Nicki MInaj

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Last night the celebrity Twitter verse nearly collapsed on itself after Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj got into a heated, racially charged, faux-feminist debate over their respective VMA nominations. Afterwards, it became the most talked about Twitter beef of the month — and everyone seemed to want to weigh in their two cents on the argument (even Kim Kardashian!) However, our favorite response to this little social media tiff is definitely Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars’ send-up of their interchange.

First, a little backstory…

Last night after the VMA nominations were announced Nicki Minaj felt that her video for “Anaconda” had been overlooked for for Video of the Year, even though when it was released it broke Vevo’s 24-hour streaming record. However, the video was nominated for both Best Female Video and Best Hip-Hop Video. Nicki was pissed that she didn’t make the cut for the highly coveted award. She responded to a fan’s tweet about her with this embittered post.

This Twitter war probably wouldn’t have become today’s hottest news topic if it weren’t for T-Swift’s misplaced response to Nicki’s tweet. Swift for some reason jumped in at this point, assuming that Nicki’s tweet was a personal blow at her.

Wrong move Taylor. The “Bad Blood” singer tried to veil her attack on Minaj with a faux-feminist slant, but Nicki’s initial argument was racially charged, and Nicki quickly called her out.

Thus birthed a twitter feud and the multitude of web diatribes pinning the VMAs as being racist for representing too many white performers in the top awards categories (which in all fairness has some validity.)

However, the best response to this socially charged, ridiculous argument that spawned from nowhere definitely came from two other nominees on the ballot — Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars. Either in an effort to distract the world from turning their fingers towards MTV or just for fun, Bruno Mars announced that he wanted in on the social media spat, and slung some mud on nominee Ed Sheeran’s direction.

Ed threw the ball right back.

And then this happened.

So, while Taylor suffered her first negative PR blast in…how long? All was quickly distracted by the “smack down” being laid by these two performers. Chances are this won’t be the last piece of drama the VMAs will bring about — just wait until the actual show. Once Kanye gets involved, there’s no telling what’ll go down.

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Best. Response. Ever!