Exclusive: The EDM World Drops the Beat on HIV and AIDS

Dec 7, 2014 at 2:34 pm |

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Arts, culture and music have always been pivotal in the fight against HIV and AIDS. They not only give voice to the changing struggle that each generation is tasked with in fighting the deadly disease, but they can also be used to help arm us against its spread.

Last week in recognition of World Aids Day, LifeBeat’s #MusicFightsAIDS brought together some of the scene’s biggest electronic dance music DJs to spin and raise awareness against HIV and AIDS. Top performers like 3LAU, A-Trak, Dirty South, Fedde Le Grand, Tritonal, Green Lantern, and many others used music to their make a mark on the worldwide event.

PressRoomVIP spoke exclusively with the performers to discuss the importance of their involvement, and music’s strong ability to unite.

“Music definitely has the most powerful magnetism to bring people together, and it’s possible to create awareness through music in a way that’s instinctive,” says Brooklyn based DJ, A-Trak. “It’s not even preachy. I think music is one of the rare forces to get people’s attention, and get a message across.”

The involvement of these musicians is integral in our ability to reach and educate younger people. The EDM scene has expanded exponentially in America in recent years, especially with the millennial generation. So when that beat stops– they listen.

This is what the DJs had to say.

Renowned DJs like 3LAU and A-Trak spoke out to help arm younger generations. Find out what they have to say…