Fashionable Goat Makes Public Appearance

Jun 9, 2015 at 12:34 pm |

When Lady Gaga makes her entrance into the public arena, she makes sure her outfit is on point – and this new celeb-goat is following in her hoof steps.

Yesterday, a fashionably appointed goat was spotted making rounds on the public transit system in Melbourne, Australia, and this keen kid’s style and cool attitude has since gone viral on social media. The picture above posted to Imgur shows the goat casually perched upon one of the train’s benches amidst rows and rows of empty seats — did they someone snag a private boxcar? We just hope the goat is house trained — or train trained.

The outfit: a paisley kerchief, blue in color — perfect for this time of year, and able to keep you warm in “baaaad” weather. However, the piece de resistance is definitely this sweet bucket hat. Well-appointed and matching in color to the scarf, we’re unsure what the pattern is — but we’re sure it’s going to be next season’s hottest trend.

Apparently, only dogs are permitted on the city’s public transport — and then only when they are muzzled, so this goat has no problem breaking the rules a bit. Or perhaps the owner has dependency problems and needs the goat for emotional support.

Here’s another snap taken by that paparazzi just as the goat starts for a quick exit before the scene turns into a petting zoo.

This goat’s outfit is ON POINT. No kidding.