Father-Daughter Duo Performs 39 Random Acts of Kindness

Jun 23, 2015 at 4:21 pm |

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Most 7-year-olds spend their birthdays eating fries and shakes in the ball pit at McDonalds, but Lee Beck had different plans this year to help commemorate his daughter, Amelie’s 7th birthday and his own 32nd birthday.

The too-cute duo spent the two weeks surrounding their birthdays performing 39 random acts of kindness, one special moment for each year they’ve been alive.

Beck shared the love by posting a public video his birthday adventures with Amelie on YouTube last week, and the story has since gone viral.

“[Amelie] regularly remarks about kindness, and is generally very loving,” said Beck to ABC News about his daughter, “So I knew she would be keen to do this challenge. When I mentioned the idea to her she thought it was a great idea, and instantly starting talking about some of the people we could help. Her ideas were fantastic, and she put a lot of thought into those that she felt happiest about.”

You’ll find all 39 acts listed below, but some of our favorites include: giving out free bubbles to children, buying lottery tickets for strangers and handing them out saying “good luck,” and leaving a bowl full of pennies sitting next to a local “wishing bridge.”

“We sat across the river and watched as people passed by and made wishes,” says Beck.

But the best part of their experiment was meeting all the people benefitting from their kindness. “We are happy that we were able to meet so many people, learn about various charities, not-for-profit organizations and have some fun along the way! Words can’t describe how proud I am of her for being so enthusiastic about this.”

It’s Beck’s hope that others might be inspired to sprinkle in a little random kindness into their own lives.

Here are Lee and Amelie’s 39 acts of kindness, as described by them:

1. Hid chocolates and treats for work colleagues, and emailed them on my birthday to look in my desk. As they had given me the day off during a busy time, I thought they deserved a treat.
2. Put myself on the Organ Donor Register.
3. Wrote a thank you card to an old lecturer who made a difference in my life.
4. RSPB Donation.
5. Put some money on some vending machines.
6. Flowers on the war memorial for VE Day.
7. It was my birthday, but I gave a present to Amélie because she is amazing.
8. Wrote to the Manager of a restaurant complementing our waiter on his service.
9. Dropped a Toys R Us gift card into the letterbox of a family who we thought could use it.
10. Amélie took chocolates for the School staff.
11. Amélie wrote a letter to her teacher thanking her for all the different things that she does.
12. Amélie brought everyone in her class a pencil and topper.
13. We donated books to the Oxford Children’s Library.
14. Left some pennies on our wishing bridge for people to enjoy.
We then went the other side of the river and relaxed while we watched lots of people make wishes as they passed by!
15. Picked up all the rubbish in a park we could find.
16. Hopscotch for runners, walkers etc in Oxford University Parks.
17. Took art and craft materials to the Oxford Children’s Hospital.
18. Left money for laundry for someone.
19. Left money in toy dispensers.
20. Donated some clothes to the British Heart Foundation.
21. We bumped into Nana on the street so we took her shopping for a plant!
22. Left toy dinosaurs and marble packs at the playpark for other children to find.
23. Amélie made some natural bird feeders.
24. Bought a chicken (a.k.a. ‘little egg factory’) for someone though Oxfam Unwrapped.
25. and 26. Amélie wrote some cards and we took chocolates to the Police and Fire Station.
27. We left money for children’s rides.
28. Took donations to The Gatehouse, a homeless shelter in Oxford.
29. Amélie wrote her Mum a letter thanking her for being amazing.
30. Went shopping and brought food for the Oxford Food Bank.
31. Posted some items on Freecycle for collection.
32. Took a card and a plant for the Sobell House Hospice garden.
33. Gave out free bubbles to children!
34. Gave a donation to Restore, a charity who help those with mental health issues. They have helped someone close to us, so we are extremely grateful for the work they do.
35. Helped with ground maintenance and building a bee wall (home for bees) in a local nature reserve.
36. Tried to brighten up the pavement in a local park with pavement chalk.
37. Dropped donations off to Helen and Douglas House charity shop.
38. I bought lottery tickets and handed them out, wishing people good luck.
39. Took toys and treats down to the Blue Cross Rehoming Centre in Lewknor.

This guy is totally winning at being a dad.