Finding Faults in Five Celebrities

Jun 17, 2014 at 4:28 pm |

While we commoners might believe that near perfection is a requisite for being on television or on the silver screen, the fact is, most celebrities have imperfections. Some of those imperfections make our heart throbs more human, more like us. This may lead us to believe our favorite celebrities are in fact the epitome of perfect!

However, this list is of those celebrities that have blemishes one might call down-right fugly!

5.  Joan Rivers’s Face

Joan Rivers Facelift

Jason Kempin, Getty Images

This woman represents everything that is wrong with the narcissism of Hollywood and exemplifies just how wrong plastic surgeons can do their patients. Why someone’s entire face can not generally be labeled a blem, Rivers’s is the exception.

Rivers’s face is Hollywood’s most famous train wreck.

Some celebrities’ physical imperfections make them even more attractive. The imperfections of the following celebrities do not!