Former Homeless 10-Year-Old Makes Clothes for Kids Less Fortunate

Jul 1, 2015 at 5:43 pm |

When Life Handed One Homeless Boy Lemons, He Picked Up a Needle & Thread

Xavier Elliot of Phoenix Arizona, along with his parents and two siblings, was once homeless. He knows first hand what’s it’s like to be a young kid struggling in a time when other kids at school have luxurious things like iPhones and designer clothes. His mother mends clothes for income, so Elliot learned some useful skills from her. In the face of adversity little Elliot thrived and turned his situation upside-down. Xavier started designing and sewing clothes for other displaced children that he met during his unfortunate time without a home. How inspirational!

Please send Xavier off with some love (including where you are from). Give him some inspiration!

Posted by Clothes for Charity by the Elliott Family on Saturday, June 27, 2015

“I think it affected him a lot. Losing everything, having to start all over again, and seeing all the other kids in shelters — some of them were coming in from domestic violence and all they had were the clothes on their backs. So, he saw the need for it when we were in there,” Elliot’s mom Stephanie told ABC News. Xavier is currently in fashion design camp. He wants to work on a Ninja Turtle dress for a girl whose house was destroyed in a fire.

The Elliot Family has set up a Facebook account where you can follow Xavier and donate materials to help his cause. What a sweet kid with a big heart! He’s got a bright future, being so generous. Maybe he’ll become a philanthropic Giorgio Armani!

Despite how busy we’ve been today, he learned how to sew a straight line. Practice makes perfect.

Posted by Clothes for Charity by the Elliott Family on Friday, June 19, 2015

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This boy will remind you how powerful it is to give back.