Former iCarly Star, Jennette McCurdy, Kisses and Tells

Mar 3, 2014 at 12:41 pm |

Jennette McCurdy Andre Drummond

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What do you get when you combine the former iCarly star Jennette McCurdy with a famous NBA basketball star? A lot of kiss and tell, literally. And unfortunately, for NBA player Andre Drummond, the kiss and tell story is not looking favorable on him.

McCurdy and Drummond just started dating not too long ago. After a romance that was very short-lived, McCurdy has now let the cat out of the bag in regards to Drummond’s kissing abilities, and to put it bluntly and simply, she says he sucked. Ouch! That has to hurt Drummond.

The 21-year-old starlet of the new show Sam and Cat says that her romance with Drummond began via Twitter. The two posted pics of each other as a way of saying that they had crushes on one another. Not too long afterward, the two were seen dining out together in Hollywood.

Not only has McCurdy given us all the juicy details on her kisses with Drummond, but she has even went so far as to say that the only reason she ever dated him is because she thought he “seemed like a big deal.” Ummm….that’s a little materialistic don’t you think Jennette? In fact, it kind of makes it look as if Drummond is better off without you.

Some people aren’t really sure how to take the whole situation. For one, you have to think about the fact that McCurdy is somewhat of a humorous person. She may have not meant nothing bad in regards to what she said. Drummond even responded to her statements by saying “I found [Jennette’s comments] funny. There’s a lot of false info in there, but I’ll be the mature person about the situation and let it die out.”

If you’re a big fan of McCurdy, there is a little something about Drummond that will make McCurdy’s statements not seem so harsh. When doing an interview with ESPN The Magazine, Drummond dished out that the only reason he and McCurdy dated was because “It started as a joke with a childhood friend–iCarly was our show, and my friend and I had a thing for Jennette and Miranda Cosgrove. We’d joke about it on Twitter, and Jennette caught wind of it. Turned out she was interested enough to talk to me.”

What do you think? It sounds like neither of them want to admit that they really liked each other? Aw, that’s kind of cute. Perhaps both of them really do have strong feelings but are too prideful to admit it.

They might be bad mouthing each other, but Jennette McCurdy and Andre Drummond obviously have something going on between them. Even if they aren’t currently together, does this mean they’ll stay separated?