French News Reports Obama is Having an Affair with Beyonce Knowles

Feb 10, 2014 at 5:17 pm |

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The Obama family isn’t shy about their friendship with singer Beyonce Knowles-Carter and her husband Jay-Z, but is the french newspaper right about the President of the United States Barack Obama and Beyonce Knowles-Carter having an affair?

Le Figaro, the second largest newspaper in France, ran a story February 10 stating that Beyonce Knowles and Barack Obama are having an affair.  This seems to have stemmed from a radio interview with Pascal Rostain, a French papparazzo who made the allegations.

In le Figaro, they wrote that this will be big news in the United States tomorrow, on the front page of the Washington Post.

There does not seem to be any truth to this rumor at all.  In fact, it is now being reported that the French newspaper is going to be in trouble for reporting such allegations without a shred of proof.

The Obamas are good friends with Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z.  They are often photographed together, celebrated Michelle’s 50th Birthday together and have a friendship that doesn’t appear to cross any boundaries.

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Why would Pascal Rostain make such a statement on a French radio statio?

Rostain is a papparazo afterall and possibly was simply looking for publicity.  Maybe he believes that the rumor is true, who knows?

But what is being dubbed one of the most absurd things we have heard all day by the Huffington Post,  this is one rumor that is clearly started for sensationalism and nothing else.  Rostain further made claims for the public to remember Marilyn Monroe and Monica Lewinsky as if two former Presidents of the United States opens the gate for it to be true about Obama.

According the Washington Post, they will not be reporting tomorrow on a Presidential affair.  The Washington Post has been clear that the rumor that they are publishing a tell all story tomorrow regarding the alleged affair is simply not true.

If Rostain was looking to stir up controversy by making the allegation that Obama was having an affair, it looks like this is one rumor that is being slammed down quickly.  There are no reports that have confirmed an alleged affair between President Obama and Beyonce Knowles but plenty of reports that deny this rumor emphatically.

The second largest newspaper in France reported today that President Barack Obama is having an affair with singer and friend of the family Beyonce Knowles.