10 Best Adult Sites for Women

Aug 8, 2016 at 6:25 pm |

What rubs you the right way?

Men are obsessed with porn. Take however many hours of porn you think your man or male friends watch and multiply it by two hundred and fifty six and that’s probably closer to how much time they spend watching taught, waxed bodies penetrating each other. It’s basically a constant stream of choreographed moans and acrobatic positions mainlined into their brain. Which is probably why most guys finish so quickly.

But, for some reason, some people think women don’t look at porn. Despite a recent study by Pornhub that a quarter of their visitors were women (that 15 million ladies), antiquated taboos stigmatize women talking about the porn they watch. And without transparency, how are you going to find the good stuff? Or discover something you didn’t even know you liked?

We’ve done our homework and compiled the ten of the best porn sites designed for and enjoyed by women. Take a gander.

Woman having orgasm

Source: Instagram @voi.mal

There is a growing group of porn sites for and by women. Check out some of the best here.

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