10 Celebrities That Lost Their Virginity to Other Celebrities

Jun 24, 2016 at 5:16 pm |

#8? Whoa.

Losing your virginity is a pretty big deal. It’s all about the right time with the right person. I remember being the only virgin amongst my friends in high school. I’m kind of a late bloomer, so I didn’t get my start as early as everyone else did. And I’m fine with that. Once the right time came, I had no regrets. Which isn’t the same others can say.

But do you ever wonder about your favorite celebrities? Like, which one of Taylor Swift’s celebrity boyfriends did she let deflower her? Taylor, like many other celebs have been in the spotlight since puberty, so it would make sense for her to lose her virginity to someone in the industry. But she’s not alone. There are a ton of celebrities who have lost their virginity to other celebrities, and you’re about to find out who.

Tj Jackson and Kim Kardashian before going to prom

Courtesy: YouTube/Hollywood Uncut

Some of them you may have already known about, but most of these will shock you.

Here are 10 celebrities who've had their v-card taken by other celebrities.