10 Of The Sexiest Things A Guy Can Do That Have Nothing To Do With Making Love

Apr 15, 2016 at 6:09 pm |

Give me a mindgasm!

Every time, I always say that I don’t think of sexual relations when I first meet a guy, and every time, my friends call me a liar. But it’s true! There are some of us who are turned on by many things other than the physical.

Of course we’re initially attracted to your looks, but what else is there? There’s a whole package to fill and we need to see what’s beneath the surface and what you have to offer. Guys, from your sense of humor, to your chivalry, you’ll be surprised to find out what we find irresistible.

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Here’s how to turn her on without touching her…

Here are 10 things that guys can do to get us in bed without touching us...