15 Sexy Gamer Girls Who Love Playing With Your Joystick

Sep 22, 2016 at 3:24 pm |

One day they're Zelda. The next, they are Sheik.

Gamer girls are the best girls. Do you want to know why? They’re always in the bedroom. They’re always pretty undressed (because they’re not leaving the bedroom). And you know that they like to have a good time because they’re so interested in playing games. True gamer chicks are unpretentious and naturally sexy as hell. They can also take you in a game for two; you should make bets with intimacy as the prize if you do play with them. Check out these sexy gamer chicks that you just know would win your heart every time.

hot gamer girl

Source: Instagram @saftigesgnu

These girls are serious about gaming. But while they’re conquering alien worlds, we can’t stop staring at their beautiful backsides.

Our sexy gamer girls don't even have to try to look good